The 5th Birthday Bake

On monsters 4th birthday after spending hours on his Bumblebee, transformers cake, before he went to sleep he decided next year his cake would be the Hulk in a car… we were pretty hopeful that with a years passing he would have totally forgotten this idea and decided he loved squares… unfortunately that didn’t happen and 11 months later, he still wanted “The Hulk driving a fast car”.. 8 cakes baked and frozen later, we were ready to begin carving.

The week of Monsters birthday, we had a totally unseasonal, ridiculous amount of snow, the most we have seen for several years. This meant we had to cancel our planned family  party, which gave us quite a dilemma about the cake, which if made would not be lasting a week fully built!

So Monster decided he would have two cakes, one for just the three of us and his big cake to be saved for his rescheduled party…

The cake for his actual birthday was to be Spiderman, knocked up in 2 hours while Monster was sleeping, I was pretty pleased with the results!


Then we had the following week to complete the Hulk spectacular… having planned to make a sugar Hulk, we quickly gave up and went for positioning a Hulk doll in the cake car….

And the final results…

Including baking, it probably took about 30 hours of work, so almost another working week, but again it was totally worth it to make Monsters day…

We haven’t asked what he would like next year, by the time he’s 10 I’m a bit worried his cake will be something he can get into and walk around the rate we’re going!


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