About Me…

I am an unmarried Step-Mum to a very lucky 5 year old boy, affectionately referred to as “Monster”, I’ve been in his (& my partners) life since he was 9 months old and we’ve been on quite a journey since then.

I work full time and spend the rest of my time attempting to be a 50s housewife and hopefully defy the wicked stepmother label.

I’m pretty passionate about lots of things and live in a continual process of trying new things which will obviously be my calling and become my life…. usually for at least a couple of days!

This is my venting and thinking space to share our story so far, what’s new, what’s annoying and hopefully, what’s good! I’m also often inspired by threads in other groups and my reflections on other peoples experiences and anecdotes.

I’m doing my best (both here and in life) to keep a positive headspace and outlook, but sometimes of course there are negative aspects which are important and should be talked about.

To get you started, here are my posts about the journey from casual dating to unmarried stepmum:

How my life has changed

Becoming a family

How I call myself

Thanks for reading!

The Unmarried StepMum