Not just a StepMum

For the first few years of my relationship with my partner and Monster, I (intentionally and willingly) made almost everything about them, they were pretty much the only people on my priority list. If I had plans and then we ended up having Monster.. it was an easy decision, my plans were cancelled. This does … Continue reading Not just a StepMum

Monsters 5th Birthday

Monsters birthday has always been a weird day in our family, especially for my other half. Previous arrangements have been unsuccessful and I spent a day watching his heart break last year as he waited on a call which never came. This year, with more formal arrangements in place, we were SUPER excited that Monster … Continue reading Monsters 5th Birthday

Broken Promises

Never make a promise you can't keep, a broken promise makes a lie. I'm a big believer in the words above, and the most important of my personal values is honesty. I can't stand lying, no matter how big or small or innocent it may appear - if you can't or won't admit something, you should never … Continue reading Broken Promises