StepMums Imposter Syndrome

We've all been there - whether it's the Sainsbury's cashier or a kids party host, people will constantly make the assumption that you are Mum. In the next 3 seconds, your brain works at super speed trying to decide whether it's worth correcting and for us unmarried Stepmums in particular, what to correct to.I've probably … Continue reading StepMums Imposter Syndrome

Accidental Alienation

Parental Alienation.. it's a term I see quite a lot in fathers rights and Step-Mum groups, although its certainly not just 'Bio-Mums' who are guilty of this. Parental alienation has many levels of 'severity' and is really just becoming recognised in the UK courts / child welfare systems. CAFCASS are now apparently trained in recognising … Continue reading Accidental Alienation

Broken Promises

Never make a promise you can't keep, a broken promise makes a lie. I'm a big believer in the words above, and the most important of my personal values is honesty. I can't stand lying, no matter how big or small or innocent it may appear - if you can't or won't admit something, you should never … Continue reading Broken Promises